No one knows when or where a disaster will strike. But when it does, it can have catastrophic consequences for businesses. That’s why we take our disaster preparedness seriously, with a comprehensive program that covers everything from contingency planning to recovery operations. We’re proud to be able to keep our business running no matter what happens.

Here, we outline our procedures for recovering from disasters, as well as our plans for restoring critical operating platforms and communications infrastructure. In the event of an actual emergency situation, we may make modifications to this document to ensure the safety of our employees, systems, and data. Thank you for taking the time to review this important information.

The purpose of Disaster Recovery Programme (DRP) is to ensure the continuity of our business.

Policy Statement

  • Our company has a comprehensive operating disaster recovery plan.
  • In order to determine the requirements for the disaster recovery plan, an official risk assessment was conducted.
  • All of our critical business-critical infrastructure elements, systems, and networks are covered by the disaster recovery plan.
  • In addition to testing the disaster recovery plan periodically in a simulated environment, management and staff understand how to execute it in emergency situations. 
  • Each member of staff is aware of their individual roles in the plan.
  • Disaster recovery plans are regularly updated to reflect changes in business activities and technology.


An organisation’s Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to develop, test and document a clear and easy-to-understand plan that will help it recover from an unexpected disaster or emergency that disrupts its business operations quickly and effectively. Additional objectives include:

  • It is essential that all employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities in implementing a safety plan. By doing so, they can help to ensure the safety of themselves and their colleagues.
  • Adherence to operational policies must be ensured for all planned activities.
  • When contingency arrangements are being proposed, it is important to ensure that they will be cost-effective. This means considering all potential costs and benefits of the arrangement and making sure that the benefits outweigh the costs.
  • We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of disaster recovery capabilities for our customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders. We regularly review and update our plans to ensure we’re prepared for any eventuality. Our goal is to provide a seamless continuity of service during and after any disruptive event.

If you need a copy of our DRP, please call 01323 419701 or email us at and we will be happy to send one to you.