Poly Wrapping

Our magazine poly wrapping fulfillment plants can inkjet names, addresses, and Mailmark onto carrier sheets. Then, it will wrap your magazine into the poly with the addressed carrier. For more extensive volume mailings, our plants have high-speed rapping machines.  We can fulfill and release over 300,000 packs per day into the post. Depending on your preference, a wide range of inserts can be mechanically inserted into the magazine or dropped on top. We can also affix CDs, membership cards, and more unusual-shaped items using our mechanical feeders.

Advantages of poly wrapping

The poly wrap is ideal for heavier postal packs as it keeps the pack weight down. Poly Wrap enables you to get the best postal rate. The alternative paper wrap would typically add an extra 10gsm compared to a Poly wrap and carrier solution.

According to the Royal Mail price calculator, that extra 10 grams could prove to be very expensive.

This link will help you calculate the weight of your magazine. Add 10grams to that for the poly wrap postal pack weight.

Use the link again, but add 20grams to the weight to allow for a paper wrap postal pack.

Finally, use the Royal Mail postage price calculator to see the difference in postage costs between Poly wrapping and paper wrapping.

Wrapped with the front cover of your magazine showing out of the poly wrap is a great way to get your magazine noticed, and it entices the recipient to open the wrap straight away. By using a carrier sheet, it enables you to gain access to the very best postage rates.

Because poly is durable, your pack contents are protected as they go through the mailing system. It also protects against the typical inclement weather we enjoy in this country.

By remaining up to date with UK Postage regulations and services, we are confident that our staff deliver the most knowledgable and cost-effective magazine mailing service in the UK.

To talk to us about your magazine mailing requirements, call us on 01323 405978 or email us at sales@magazineprintingcompany.com.