Magazine postage costs

Magazine postage costs can be as high as magazine printing costs. Therefore in our opinion, it is every bit as critical to minimise that expenditure as best as possible, especially as postage costs always seem to increase annually. Yet, for some reason, it is an area that many publishers seem to overlook.

Every year we mail more than 2 Million magazines on behalf of our publishing clients, and we also advise several other publishing clients of the best ways to manage their mailing costs. As a result, we have direct influence over more than 3 million mail items every year.

So it is fair to say we know magazine postage costs and how to minimise them for our clients.

Magazine Postage Costs Minimum Copies

The critical requirement for magazine postage discounts is a minimum mail drop at any one time of 1000 items in one go. You also need a minimum publishing schedule of 2 mailing dates per annum. In addition, you also need to present the wrapped items to the postal providers in the proper manner. We offer a complete wrapping service to compliment our postage offering. We provide either poly-wrapping or paper-wrapping. Click on the links to find out more.

Mail Sortation

To achieve the maximum level of discounts off your postage costs, you need to have your data sorted to the highest level possible. Typically this means using a Mailmark sortation product. We achieved MailMark accreditation on the first attempt, which is a testament to the skillset of our team.

At the Magazine Printing Company, we have trading relationships with all the major postal providers in the UK for domestic magazine mailings.

With magazine postage pricing fixed from Jan1 to Dec 31 every year, we can advise you exactly what to budget for your domestic magazine postage costs a year in advance.

Royal Mail Costs!

To see how much your postage costs would be from Royal Mail, click on the link below.

Royal Mail – Pricing for Marketing, General Correspondence and Publishing Mail

We typically beat those costs every time we quote, generally by some margin too.

Our sales team can tell you exactly how much the magazine postage costs will be instantly for your subscriber mailing copies.

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