Access cost-effective, flexible solutions to deliver your mail items to your customers anywhere globally with our international postage services.

International Postage Service

Our international postage solutions encompass a vast array of Post Offices and a collection of long-established, private operators. As a result, we always excel beyond our clients’ cost and service level requirements. We achieve this level of excellence by utilising our bespoke “Delivery Solutions Network.” You declare your delivery wants and needs, and we will determine the precise delivery/mail solution to match your requirements. In addition to providing the international postage for your magazine, we can also provide you with a complete one-stop-shop wrapping service in either Poly-wrap or paper-wrap.

international postage


With new EU VAT regulations(July 2021), any print magazines sold into Europe (EU) must have country-specific VAT applied to them. Because of these rule changes, the international postage issues for magazine publishers are more complex than before. As a result of these VAT changes, publishers now face a significant hike in costs and administrative time to manage this new process.

For more information on IOSS and the implications to your business, please click on the link


This link will detail what IOSS is and how it impacts your business. We can help reduce those costs. For instance, our IOSS ready solution not only ensures compliance cost-effectively. Once you have signed up for our solution, it handles the reporting and submission of the correct VAT amounts.

International Parcels & Courier

We can provide access to the complete range of Parcel, Post, or Courier services. Our solutions utilise international priority print services and B2C parcel services. In addition, we offer a choice of express or standard courier options too. As a result of these service offerings, we can provide a solution to meet virtually any speed or budgetary need.

Global Logistics

As well as our international postage service, we have a tried and tested logistics infrastructure. In addition to singles postage, this infrastructure enables us to provide flexible bulk distribution solutions as well.

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