These posts all pertain to the printing and fulfilment of catalogues.

Binding explained: Saddle stitching, Perfect Bound and PUR

Binding 16 9

A brief explanation of the different binding options and when best to use them What is Saddle stitching? Saddle stitching is a binding method which places wire staples through paper, the name is thought to come from the ‘saddle’ apparatus which the collated paper is placed over when it is stapled together. Saddle stitching is
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Printing Colours Explained

Printing Colours Explained....

CMYK vs PMS vs RGB Most magazines, catalogues, and brochures are produced using the CMYK process. So what does this mean? Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (aka Black) are the four colours that make up CMYK. Inkjet printers commonly use these four ink colours for printing. Various amounts of these 4 colours are mixed together
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Cover finishes: Laminates, UV Varnishes and more

cover finishes for magazine printing

Cover finishes – Laminates, UV varnishes and more explained With cover finishes such as laminates and varnishes you can add an element of quality, durability and creativity to your magazine, catalogue, or brochure printing. As part of the printing process, particularly with digital and web printing presses, finishes can be applied in-line or they can
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Printing Presses: digital, sheet fed and web offset explained

litho web digital printing presses

The how, what and why of printing presses Digital Printing Press Digital printing uses toners (the toner is fused/melted onto the paper), inkjet heads (small droplets of ink are dotted onto the paper) or laser printing (which uses an electrostatic plate).  Digital printing is great for smaller print runs and where there is variation in
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