Professional Brochure Printing

Brochures are a key marketing tool to spread the word about your brand.  You can reach new customers and inform your loyal customers about your products and services. In the digital age with life being online, your printed brochure is tangible, it has value and makes your brand memorable in a way that cannot be achieved online. It has been shown that millennials like printed products and look forward to receiving printed media through the post. A well designed and innovative brochure can impress your customers over and above your competition. Here are some tips for designing a brochure to impress your customers and make your brand memorable. 

Have a clear objective for your Printed brochure

What is the objective and purpose of the brochure? Knowing your main message and getting it across as clearly and simply as you can is key. Be creative and imaginative with your brochure design, drawing your readers attention to the headings, sub-headings and images to keep your message clear and concise. 

Know your audience 

Knowing your customers and the purpose of the brochure means you can focus your design and content on getting your message across. Whether it is a product, service or a solution, highlight the benefits and must haves whilst answering any questions or doubts they may have. Furthermore, if your target customers are environmentally conscious you may want to consider using recycled paper, vegetable-based ink and avoid plastic finishes and wrapping to enhance your message and bring customers on-board.

Keep it clear and simple 

Less is more. Keeping the font consistent and not cramming too much information on to a page will help your brochure sell. Images can say more than words, so use original photography, images and infographics where possible to make your brochure informative yet memorable.  

Innovate, make the brochure worth keeping 

The size, shape and finish of the brochure as well as its content will make your customer want to keep it. Being mindful of your objective and company ethos can help. For example, a Charity may want to focus on the brochure content so that customers do not feel too much money was spent on the brochure rather than its charitable work. Whilst a Luxury brand may want to convey a luxurious look and feel to their professional brochure and make it a collectable coffee table piece.   

Call to action and contact information  

Don’t let your hard work on designing your brochure and its content go to waste by not being clear about what action would like your potential customers to do after reading your brochure. Making the next step clear whether it is to ‘call for further information’, ‘go to our website’, ‘keep for future reference’, ‘receive your personalised sample/trial/quote…’ this enables you to direct your customers to keep in touch with you with a positive response and maximise your return on investment.  

Looking for a Professional Brochure Printing company?  

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