Your brochure is a key marketing tool for you to spread the word about your brand and products and to reach out to a wider audience. A well-designed brochure has the potential to attract buyers’ attention and convert them into loyal customers while having a greater recall rate among the audience. We have provided some top brochure printing tips to create impressive brochures:

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  1. Be innovative

Your brochure should be able to instantly convey your key message to your audience. Be creative and use your imagination to design a brochure that attracts attention and stands out from the competition. Whilst trying to make a statement with your brochure printing project, do not use too many differing fonts in its design. Keep it clear and allow images and key text to breathe. All you need is a heading, subheading and body font to deliver the right message.

  1. Put readers first

When working on your brochure printing project, keep in mind its end purpose. After all, it’s for the audience that you are designing the brochure and when they go through it, they should instantly be able to find solutions to their requirements or answers to any queries they may have. So, whilst putting the brochure design together, think of what message it will ultimately convey to a prospective customer.

  1. Focus on making a good first impression

The purpose behind your brochure is to make a lasting impression. Your brochure design should convey a positive notion whilst leaving the audience with the message you wanted to deliver. A creative design will be more memorable than a bland one and this can be created without tying your budget up in costly design. If you are a charity, for example, your purpose is to deliver the right message yet not leaving the audience with the feeling that you have spent too much on brochure design. This can be achieved by using different printing methods which can complement your design and enhance your company’s branding.

  1. Original Photography

Your brochure design and printing project should create interest among your target market and be enjoyable and informative to read. In order to do so, your brochure design focus should be on incorporating appealing images and info-graphics that instantly impress and deliver the right message. Try to select pictures that are eye-catching rather than the usual stock images.

  1. Insert call to action

Let the audience know what action they should take after reading the brochure. Don’t let your hard work in designing an impressive and engaging brochure go to waste – inform the audience what they need to do next. Do this by inserting a distinct call to action to ensure a positive response from prospective customers and maximize your ROI.

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